Geo IoT World Awards – Geo IoT World 2017
Geo IoT World - Where Geolocation Powers IoT Innovation | June 6-8, 2017 – Brussels, Belgium

Geo IoT World Awards

Congratulations to the winners!

Geo IoT World is delighted to announce the winners of the Geo IoT World Awards 2017:

IoT Solutions empowered by GNSS

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Innovative IoT service and applications using the satellite-based geolocation systems and technologies.
Award Winner:

Indoor Location & Proximity Services

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Innovations leveraging beacons – BLE and other proximity technologies for context-aware applications.
Award Winner:
TRACKO by Onyx Beacon

Location Intelligence

Innovative apps and services combining new sources of GeoData with the power of analytics.
Award Winner:
Wittra by Wittra Sweden

IoT Networks

Innovations leveraging the location abilities of new IoT wireless networks such as LPWA, UWB technologies.
Award Winner:
Ultra-Wideband RTLS enabling Industry 4.0 by Sewio Networks
Awards group photo crop
The Geo IoT Awards ceremony on June 7, 2017
Chair: GIUSEPPE CONTI, CTO Trilogis, CTO Nively, Chair of Mobile Location Services Domain Working Group at OGC, UNCAP Project Coordinator
  • RICHARD BRICAIRE, Editorial & Strategy Consultant, Strategies Telecoms & Multimedia
  • KIRK BURROUGHS, Senior Director of Technology for QUALCOMM Engineering Services Group – Chair of Indoor Location Alliance
  • PIETER GILLEGOT-VERGAUWEN, VP Product Management Maps, TomTom
  • BRUCE KRULWICH, Founder, Grizzly Analytics; Geo IoT World Testbed Manager
  • USTYNA REDELKIEWICZ MUSIAL, Head of Sector LBS and IoT, European GNSS Agency
  • MALIK SAADI, Managing Director and Vice President, Strategic Technology, ABI Research
Geo IoT World Awards 2017 Finalists:
  • “Indoor Location & Proximity Services” category: Onyx Beacon and UWINLOC
  • “IoT Networks” category: Loka Wireless and Sewio Networks
  • “IoT Solutions empowered by GNSS” category: CROWDLOC and Polymorph Systems
  • “Location Intelligence” category: GiPStech and Wittra