2017 Demos – Geo IoT World 2018
Geo IoT World - Where Geolocation Powers IoT Innovation | June 11-13, 2018 – Brussels, Belgium

2017 Demos


BlooLoc will demo its yooBee indoor positioning live at the Geo IoT World Exhibit. Selected people will walk around in the Exhibit area with a tag and a smartphone while being traced by yooBee. Their position will be shown on the floorplan of the Exhibit as visualized in our online Cloud Console.  Moreover we will also demonstrate our geofencing application and show actual and real deployments life all around the world! 


Estimote automapping with UWB Location Beacons. 
Powered by mesh networking and a UWB chip, beacons can detect each other, and exchange messages. Beacons talking to each other over UWB, we use time-of-flight techniques to compute distances between them with inch-level precision. 

Finally, once we know the distances between the beacons, internal algorithms come in place to compute a map of their positions.  Most of this process if fully automated and requires very little involvement from a human being.

Result: a floor plan, ready to position inside.

Automapping brings tremendous time and costs savings when used at scale, but it also makes it much easier to quickly try Indoor Location out.

Available to test with Indoor Location app and UWB Location Beacons dev kit.

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HERE Technologies offers high-accuracy positioning services that let  companies stay on top of their mobile assets. This demo shows how assets can be tracked to save time, increase efficiency and reduce misplaced goods thanks to positioning that works both online and offline, and indoors and outdoors.


The Lucy Test Drive brings you our powerful application interface free for 90 days. The trial gives you a Track Analysis tool with data from skiers in the Alps, as well as access to our Lucy Map Centric interface to visualize your geospatial data.

Based on our powerful desktop solution LuciadLightspeed, the Lucy test drive allows you to see the power and simplicity of Luciad’s geospatial tools. Use the Track Analysis tool to analyze GPX ski data in the alps and see some of the many visualization and analysis tools we offer out of the box. Alternatively, you can use the Lucy Map Centric interface to drag and drop numerous types of geospatial data in 2D or 3D.

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View the demo of our solutions:

People navigation at Open Innovation forum:

Skates tracking on Sokolniki skating rink:


Bloodhound is an expert provider of real-time personnel and productivity management technology. Their products utilise a variety of IoT hardware to provide live tracking of personnel while simultaneously providing information and tools to staff.

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● Linebooker was the first product that Polymorph developed based on our Leased Product model. The current Linebooker system facilitates bidding on loads between clients and transporters. Polymorph developed a system that facilitates communication between clients and transporters – load progress tracking and Proof of Delivery management being the two main features of the app.

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Snuza is a dynamic company that specializes in the development and manufacture of bio-sensory electronic devices that enable today’s parents to care for their children more effectively. They were looking for a new partner to develop their Android app and it needed to go live within 6 months. Polymorph stepped up to the challenge.

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Energy Partners recently launched an innovative Home Energy solution. Polymorph developed a companion app as part of this cutting edge Home Energy System, to give users feedback and empower them to maximise what their system could do for them.

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