Demos – Geo IoT World EMEA 2018
Geo IoT World - Where Geolocation Powers IoT Innovation | June 11-13, 2018 – Brussels, Belgium



Abeeway will demonstrate its advanced Low Power Location solution for the Internet of Things, based on a flexible multi-technology geolocation system optimized for low-power LoRaWAN™ communication, using GPS, our breakthrough Low Power GPS and WiFi sniffing, and featuring the highest-performance tracking devices available on the market: Micro Tracker and Industrial Tracker.  
The cost-efficiency, reliability and flexibility of our solution makes it adaptable to numerous use cases and allows to create innovative business models based on IoT.  Abeeway provides businesses with visibility on their processes, transparency of their supply chain and gives the means to control and improve it. Reduced Total Cost of Ownership, increased profitability, improved operations efficiency and security for assets and people – those are its main benefits.  Abeeway’s solution is ideal for asset management, activity monitoring, logistics and supply chain operations, tracking of goods, people’s and assets’ security and livestock condition monitoring. 


Watch in live BeSpoon indoor positioning system. Check by yourself the precision of our technology, its responsiveness, and the its incredible capacity to handle loads of tracking at once.

See our latest hardware, put your hands on our full software suite and tell us how we can best serve you. BeSpoon is eager to welcome you on our booth for a memorable demonstration.

Nanotron Technologies

Nanotron presents the ‘mix and match’ capabilities of the technology-independency swarm product family. The focus is on proximity with both UWB and Chirp concurrently for two major mining customers’ requirements:

A) The need for high accuracy and short-range exclusion zone detection, preventing miners from getting too close to dangerous machinery.
B) To avoid collision (CAS) with other vehicles, miners need timely collision warnings while driving heavy vehicles (at up to 40 km/h).

Nanotron’s showcase introduces the UWB and Chirp technologies integrated in one single swarm bee tag. The two technologies complement each other, providing an ideal combination.

For short range and cm-accurate exclusion zone warning scenarios, the UWB technology fits the requirements. For vehicle-to-vehicle collision avoidance the long range capabilities of Chirp, with 1m accuracy, perfectly supports the needs of underground mining applications. The two systems work together seamlessly, and deliver a smooth transition from CAS to exclusion zones.

This demonstration is just one of various possible technology and application combinations. Nanotron’s anchor infrastructure, for example, adds tracking to existing proximity applications and runs concurrently.

Figure 2 Demo Setup Geo IoT 2018, Seamless Application Transition from CAS to Exclusion Zones


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