Bosch Software Innovations GmbH – Geo IoT World EMEA 2018
Geo IoT World - Where Geolocation Powers IoT Innovation | June 11-13, 2018 – Brussels, Belgium

Bosch Software Innovations GmbH

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With more than 700 IoT experts worldwide, Bosch Software Innovations has locations in Germany (Berlin, Cologne, Immenstaad, and Waiblingen), Bulgaria (Sofia), Singapore, China (Shanghai), Japan (Tokyo), and the United States (Chicago).

In creating Bosch Software Innovations, Bosch took an early strategic step forward into the connected future. The leading international provider of technology and services acquired ‘Innovations Software Technology’ in 2008, a first in the context of the Internet of Things. The acquisition of ‘inubit’ in 2011 and ‘ProSyst Software’ in 2015 kept furnishing the company with core technologies.

Bosch Software Innovations is a believer and shaper of open IoT ecosystems. We are active members in the Eclipse Foundation, the OSGi Alliance, and the Industrial Internet Consortium.

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