Estimote – Geo IoT World 2018
Geo IoT World - Where Geolocation Powers IoT Innovation | June 11-13, 2018 – Brussels, Belgium



Corporate Profile:

Estimote, Inc. is a technology start-up building a sensor-based analytics and engagement platform. We develop what we like to call an operating system for physical locations — one that will change how people run businesses in the physical world and how consumers interact with real world products and venues.

Our primary area of interest at this moment is brick and mortar retail stores. More than 95 percent of transactions worldwide are still made in physical venues. In addition, more than half of consumers visiting stores have smartphones, and that number is growing rapidly.

Thanks to popular communication technologies such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, we have a new opportunity to understand how people behave and engage with products in stores. New data and communication technology can be used to improve customer experience, bringing in new revenue streams for retail stores or cutting their costs. We call it the smart retail.

We are currently piloting our solutions with the largest retailers in the United States and Europe. We are also shipping Developer Kits daily, which consist of sample beacon devices, as well as our SDK, which enables mobile developers and retail consulting agencies to add micro-location context to their mobile apps.

One of our main focus is Indoor Location as the foundation of the operating system for the physical world. We use Bluetooth Smart and UWB technologies to provide seamless mapping and positioning experience.

Products and Services:

Estimote provides services based on the close integration of hardware and software. 
On the top of the hardware, we provide configurations tools, mobile SDKs, Deployment and Fleet Management infrastructure, analytics and security solutions.

Estimote Beacons are the most popular and most robust beacons on the market. Used by startups and large companies to deliver location and context information to smartphones.

Estimote Mirror is our latest product. is our newest product. It’s the world’s first video beacon that turns any display into an intelligent screen.

Estimote Stickers are the world’s smallest beacons. They have built-in sensors and can inform nearby phones not only about proximity, but also interactions with real-world objects.


Consult the demos description on this link.