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Corporate Profile:

Accurate. Private. Robust. Made for enterprises. is the leading provider of professional real-time Indoor Positioning and Navigation solutions. Their innovative technology, allowing for the most efficient and accurate setup, is used in various industries such as Transport, Healthcare, Events, Retail, Office Environments, Smart Building Management and Safety & Security. Using its cutting-edge patented technology, offers unique possibilities to exploit the indoor space and add location intelligence to mobile apps.
The company was founded in 2010 and has expanded from their main quarters in Vienna, Austria, to a subsidiary in the US. The team consists of Indoor Positioning experts, organised in Research and Development departments, complemented by a strong Sales & Marketing force.

Products and Services: provides accurate real-time Indoor Positioning solutions, which can easily be integreated into any existing mobile app. The product portfolio includes solutions for (Visually Impaired) Indoor Navigation, Asset Tracking and Analytics. These solutions have found their way into many different industries, e.g. Transport, Healthcare, Events, Retail, Office Environments and Safety & Secutity.
They help reduce workload and stress, increase efficiencies and customer satisfaction and ultimately the Return on Investment.
Big buildings are often confusing to visitors, especially when they are visually impaired and need to rely on third parties to find their way around. developed a solution to help blind people navigate indoor venues independently. Similarly, hospitals or airports are having trouble to keep track of their high value inventory. Asset Tracking helps monitor these assets and personnel to prevent loss or theft and increase workflow efficiencies. Moreover, Analytics enable retailers to get valuable insights into their customers’ behavior, allowing them to optimize their marketing strategy and store layout accordingly.
The company is especially renowned for their innovative SLAM technology, which revolutionizes the Indoor Positioning industry by automating the system setup process and making Indoor Navigation scalable in the long run.