Pozyx – Geo IoT World 2018
Geo IoT World - Where Geolocation Powers IoT Innovation | June 11-13, 2018 – Brussels, Belgium



Corporate Profile:

Pozyx (www.pozyx.io) is a fast growing innovative startup specialized in accurate positioning using Ultra-wide band technology and sensor fusion. The Pozyx positioning (RTLS) system can track assets, people, machinery,… with an accuracy of up to 10cm. This makes it more accurate than other technologies such as GPS, Bluetooth or WiFi and more affordable than for example high-end camera tracking systems. The system can be deployed in large scale venues tracking multiple assets at a high update rate with an unseen ease of setup.  

Products and Services:

Pozyx positions itself in the market as a far more accurate solution than beacon based technologies with great range, and far easier, and more cost-efficient to integrate and implement than optical and camera based solutions.

At Pozyx, we strive to be the easiest and best documented positioning solution on the market. Our prototyping kits can be bought right of our webstore www.pozyx.io/store with a lead time of only 5 working days, worldwide. Get started with your positioning project in just a few hours! Our commercial solutions allow you to position hundreds of trolleys in a super market, accurately track assets in a warehouse, navigate drones through a tight indoor race track and much more.

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