UNCAP EU Project – Geo IoT World 2018
Geo IoT World - Where Geolocation Powers IoT Innovation | June 11-13, 2018 – Brussels, Belgium

UNCAP EU Project


The UNCAP project (Ubiquitoys iNteroperable Care for Ageing People) develops a platform based on open industrial standards able to to help ageing people live independently.

Based on an open, scalable and privacy-savvy ICT infrastructure, UNCAP uses state-of-art physical/cognitive assessment tools together with technologies to locate objects, devices and users within indoor/outdoor spaces, to continuously monitor users in a non-invasive way and to assist them in case alert conditions are detected.

In particular, it will leverage on an ecosystem of biosensors and indoor & outdoor localisation solutions to deliver an infrastructure capable to continuously monitor and assist users in a non-invasive way.

UNCAP website:  www.uncap.eu